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We offer the following translation services:

Translations from Polish to Dutch and Dutch to Polish. Translations of numerous texts and documents: websites, contracts, terms of delivery, quotes, appointment letters. Multi Modis translates its broad knowledge of the business market and culture to the right tone.

Translator and interpreter during negotiations and market exploration, in Holland as well as in Poland.

We are highly proficient in technical, legal, medical, agricultural and financial translations. In addition, we provide translations of manuals, product descriptions, websites and DTP.

Our advantages

  • At home in virtually every field
  • Quickly and as urgently needed
  • Quality translations
  • Your deadline always respected
  • Reliable translations

We advise

  • >Organisation at fairs
  • >Advice and guidance
  • >Market survey
  • >Investments


  • >Trade relations
  • >Coordination and organization
  • >Market access

We translate

  • >Advertising Equipment
  • >Social media maintenance
  • >Business correspondence
  • >Commercial documents


  • >Contracts
  • >Documents
  • >Websites